Carlos Calaca is the main antagonist of Guacamelee!


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Early life Edit

Calaca used to be human, as "the greatest charro who ever lived," until he broke his arm before he biggest Charreada competition. He sold his soul to the devil in order to mend his arm and win a competition. He ended up doing so, but died before he could accept his trophy.

After that, he felt he was tricked by the devil for not having the time to enjoy the glory of winning. Because of this, he enacts revenge. Carlos manages, with the help of X'tabay, to turn the devil into a chicken, and then makes plans to unite the living and dead world so he can rule over both of them.

Guacamelee! Edit

During the beginning of the game, he kidnapped El Presidente's Daughter as a sacrifice to unlock great power for himself.

He would have succeeded in his plan had Juan not stepped in; not seeing the agave farmer as worthy to fight him, Calaca kills Juan. However, he did not foresee Juan coming back to life with the power of the Luchador Mask. He goes to the Temple of Rain and Temple of War to complete the rituals, and at the Great Temple, fights Juan one-on-one... but the luchador is too late, for the ritual completes, turning Calaca into a monster. At this point, he is a god over the living and the dead. However, he still loses to Juan and ultimately dies for good.

Guacamelee! 2 Edit

In the Darkest Timeline, he succeeds in killing Juan. However, another luchador named Salvador ends up killing Calaca instead.