Doña Chamoya is a trainer in Guacamelee! 2.

Biography Edit

Guacamelee! 2 Edit

Chamoya is implied to have been a fitness trainer in life, and she carried that passion into the Dead World. She can be found in Pantanillo within Los Manglares. After talking with her, players can access her skill tree by opening up the Map Menu and clicking the left trigger.

She is later seen wondering where the other trainers are (She is the only one in the Dead World) since there was word of a rendezvous to cheer Juan onward to the Templo de la Serpiente. (Surprisingly, not even Flame Face is visible in the Dead World despite existing in both.)

As a playable character Edit

Guacamelee! 2 - Proving Grounds DLC Edit

Doña Chamoya is playable alongside Flame Face, Coscorrona, Rooster Ramirez, and Uay Coco. She is unlocked after getting a Gold Medal in one of her challenges.

  • Faster stamina regeneration
  • More Health orbs from killing enemies
  • Deal less damage

Chamoya Fitness Skill Tree Edit

Skill Description Prerequisites Cost
Mas Health Increase max health by one full Heart.
  • None
Mas Stamina Increase max stamina by one full circle.
  • None
Life Smasher Killing enemeis grants you more Health.
  • Break 5 Health Chests
Recovery Rapida Stamina recharges faster.
  • Break 5 Stamina Chests
Peso Pesado Killing enemies grants you more Gold.
  • Break 10 Money Chests
Mindful Meditation Hold crouch to refill your Health and Stamina quickly.
  • Buy all Chamoya Fitness Skills
  • Break 10 Health Chests
  • Break 10 Stamina Chests