Lupita, referred to as El Presidente's Daughter, is the love interest and childhood friend of Juan Aguacate.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

She and Juan were childhood friends, and she watched Juan attempt to fight someone stronger than him, seemingly admiring his dream to become a luchador.

Guacamelee! Edit

At the beginning of the game, she has come back from university, mainly for the big festival and meets Juan inside the church at Pueblucho. However, she soon gets kidnapped off-screen by Carlos Calaca.

Calaca captured Lupita as a form of sacrifice to unlock great power, as well as for her to become his unwilling bride, because she was born on the day of a special eclipse. After Calaca's defeat, she dies from the power of the sacrificial ritual. However, if Juan has gathered all of the Legendary Mask pieces, she will survive and become Juan's wife.

Guacamelee! 2 Edit

Seven years after the events of the first game, Lupita and Juan have started a family with two children. She asks him to go out to town to get some avocados before he is summoned by Uay Chivo to the Darkest Timeline.

In the Darkest Timeline, she is dead due to Juan being unable to save her, but she and Juan still love each other. She comments on how surreal it is to see Juan alive (the Juan of this timeline is just a skull) and wishes him luck on his quest to save the Mexiverse.
Young El Presidentes Daughter


  • It is implied that she was engaged or arranged to be married to an unnamed ambassador's son. Said engagement was broken off due to the unnamed son having an affair with a Cabinet Minster's wife. Father' Ayayay remarks that this was "such a scandal". The President's Daughter's feelings on this arrangement are unknown at this time.