Flame Face is a secondary antagonist in Guacamelee! who becomes a friend in Guacamelee! 2.


Early life Edit

He is a reincarnated 1920s criminal who was a violent arsonist in his previous life. He was cursed by the devil to have a flaming head for eternity, but keeps a surprisingly calm demeanor about that. He is usually seen looking for a drink, and loves both fighting and dingy bars.

Guacamelee! Edit

In the first game, he works alongside Carlos Calaca, though his cavalier attitude means he isn't always a threat, emptying his ammo twice before he could shoot Juan. He is first encountered by Juan in El Presidente's mansion and later appears in Hernando's Bar, where he gives Juan some money to buy a beer, though it is not available. He is the boss of the Temple of War.

Guacamelee! 2 Edit

In this game, he runs Flame Face's Fight-A-Torium, a chain of bars around the world which serve the same purpose as Combo Chicken's Gym. Alongside this, he wants revenge against Salvador for disrespecting him, essentially training Juan in combo skills to take down a common enemy.

As a playable character Edit

Guacamelee! - Frenemies DLC Edit

Flame Face is playable alongside X'tabay, Uay Chivo, and Jaguar Javier.

  • Melee attacks steal life
  • Collect bonus money
  • Stamina regenerates slowly

Guacamelee! 2 - Proving Grounds DLC Edit

Flame Face is playable alongside Doña Chamoya, Coscorrona, Rooster Ramirez, and Uay Coco. He is unlocked by winning a gold medal in one of his challenges.

  • Increase Hit Meter to increase damage
  • Lower base damage

Fury Fighting Skill Tree Edit

Skill Description Prerequisites Cost
1,2, POW! Your three-hit combo is more powerful!
  • Use 3-Hit Combo 150 times
GET UP! Use Dodge when you hit the ground to get up quickly.
  • None
Gold Hits Get extra Gold for Hits after 25-HIT combo or higher.
  • Perform 25 25-HIT combos
Gilded Gold Hits Gold rewards multiply for 25, 50, and 100-HIT combos.
  • Buy Gold Hits
  • Perform 10 50-HIT combos
Tough Guy Take 3 Hits before your Hit Meter resets.
  • None
Heavy Hitter Special Abilities cost 1/2 Stamina after 50 Hits.
  • Perform 5 100-HIT combos
On Fire! Special Abilities cost no Stamina after 100 Hits.
  • Buy all other Skills