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Carlos Calaca has kidnapped El Presidente's Daughter, and he plans to sacrifice her in order to merge the World of the Living with the World of the Dead.

Juan Aguacate, an agave farmer who stumbles upon a Legendary Luchador mask, must find the strength and courage to become the Hero he's always dreamed of being and put a stop to this.

Guacamelee! is a Metroidvania-style action-platformer set in a magical world inspired by traditional Mexican culture and folklore. The game features melee combat, parallel dimensions and same-screen co-op. The original Guacamelee! received wide critical acclaim and was a finalist for both IndieCade and the Independent Games Festival's Excellence in Visual Art award.

Guacamelee! 2

Brawling has never been more beautiful! The long-awaited sequel to the smash hit action-platformer is here: Guacamelee! 2 brings luchador Juan Aguacate out of retirement for a stunning new Metroidvania-style adventure.

Explore a huge, hand-crafted world inspired by Mexican culture and folklore, filled with sassy new villains and weirdos (and a few old friends!). Learn a deep repertoire of bone-crunching moves to fend off the skeletal hordes and overcome a multitude of platforming challenges. ...and who said anything about a Chicken Illuminati? Certainly not us!

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  • Developer: DrinkBox Studios
  • Publisher: DrinkBox Studios
  • Genre: Metroidvania, platformer, beat 'em up
  • Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
  • Rating: E 10+ (Everyone 10+)
Initial release

April 9, 2013

Super Turbo Championship Edition
July 2, 2014

Guacamelee! 2
August 21, 2018