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Guacamelee is a PS Vita/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC/Switch video game developed by Drinkbox Studios.
It is currently available via PSN, Xbox Live, Steam and directly from the Guacamelee website (via Humble).

The Super Turbo Championship Edition is/was available for free with the Xbox Live ‘Games with Gold’ scheme during the month of July 2014.


Guacamelee! is an indie video game for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360 PC, and Wii U. It is a Metroidvania-styled game, and its visual style is a campy take on Mexican culture, many of it's prominent artwork features drawing heavily from the Mexican 'Day of the Dead'. The game features PS3/Vita Cross Saving and has a humorous tone. Read more about Guacamelee! here!

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    Guacamelee is now available on PSN for PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita for $15. Having played it for a few hours today during our Twitch Tuesdays stream, I was thoroughly entertained by its combat system and colorful world. Check out our archived footage of the our co-op play session below!

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