X'tabay is a secondary antagonist turned friend in Guacamelee! and Guacamelee! 2.


Early life Edit

Not much is known about X'tabay before the events of Guacamelee!, but she seemingly took residence beneath Pueblucho in the Dead World, to which a townswoman mentions that "a witch" (referring to her) was inside the house.

Guacamelee! Edit

She is first seen in the Temple of Rain, who has tasked her with tending to his pet Alebrije. She has seemingly lost him and is looking for him, when she encounters Juan. She shows her disdain for Calaca caring more about the "sacrificial trout" than her, although she is mad that Juan is trying to thwart Calaca's plans.

When the Alebrije is defeated, she is belittled by Calaca for failing her task, which in turn makes her furious at Juan. She storms off to her lair, which Juan follows her into before he sets off to the Tule Tree. Furious at him after he declines her offer, she battles him.

After her defeat, she ditches Calaca and expresses an interest in Fray Ayayay. She also gives Juan the ability to Dimension Swap, allowing him to ontinue on.

In the credits she can be seen mingling with Juan alongside Fray Ayayay, suggesting she did indeed enter into a relationship with him.

Guacamelee! 2 Edit

In this game, X'tabay mentions to Juan that Salvador was the one to take down Calaca after Juan failed to do so in the Darkest Timeline. She had commissioned a picture of said battle, commenting on how well the artist captured the suffering. She also mentions to Juan that Salvador's mask is slowly killing him, and that he must be stopped before he merges the timelines together.

As a playable character Edit

Guacamelee! - Frenemies DLC Edit

X'tabay is playable alongside Flame Face, Uay Chivo, and Jaguar Javier. Her hair is tied up in this version.

  • Extra Intenso when hit or hitting
  • Lower attack damage

Guacamelee! 2 Edit

X'tabay is playable in the base game, but has no modifiers.


  • After defeat her,in the Brazillian or Portuguese versions of the game, the player receives the achievement "X'tabay Do 71", and its a reference to El Chavo Del Ocho.
    • In the English version, this is simply titled "Xtabay-bye".
  • Where Calaca and most dead denizens are skeletal, X'tabay is not. It is possible she actually isn't dead, herself, but has simply prolonged her lifespan through her supernatural ability and free reign of world crossing.
  • Though her abilities in battle revolve mostly around poison vapors, rain, and bugs, it is with her help that El Diablo is polymorphed suggesting a much broader array of abilities.